2010 Western Star

PRICE: $110,000 Inc. GST

YEAR: 2010
MAKE: Western Star 

MODEL: 4800 Prime Mover
VIN: 5KKXAF0029PAE3027
DESCRIPTION: 4800 FXB, ISX 525, In Chassis Rebuild Cummins Brisbane 18months ago, 40" Stratasphere, Bunk Cooler, Hydraulics, Alcoa Wheels, 46/160 @ 3.90, 26m bumper

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1980 MACK

PRICE: $15,500 Inc. GST

YEAR: 1980
MAKE: R600 Mack
SHAPE: Daycab
VIN: A13416
REGO: unregistered
DESCRIPTION: 34000lb rear axles on camel back suspension, 12spd, hydraulics, alloy bull bar, freshly painted, mack 285hp.


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2008 Hino Rigid Truck & 28' Cattle Crate

PRICE: $68,000 Inc. GST


YEAR: 2008 /
MAKE: Hino / 

MODEL: / 28' Cattle Crate

Truck - 16000KG, GVM 32000, GCM 420K's

Trailer - Airbag, 9spd roadranger, very tidy.

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1997 Western Star 6900

PRICE: $59,500 inc GST


YEAR: 1997
MAKE: Western Star
SHAPE: Prime Mover
ENGINE: 550 E caterpillar
DESCRIPTION: 1997 6900 western star heritage, 130 tne rated, neway airbag suspension, fixed greasy, 54" sleeper, hydraulics, viesa a/c, Cat 550E, 18speed, 50/160 rear axles @ 4.56, new clutch sept, been a trailer delivery truck last four years

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Prime Mover and Alloy Tipper

PRICE: $45,000 inc GST for both


Prime Mover
YEAR: 7/96
MAKE: Sterling
SHAPE: Aeromax Prime Mover
ENGINE: Series 60 detroit diesel
VIN: 6F8AAAAHGI11553549
REGO: BI5225 (currently unregistered)
DESCRIPTION: PTO, Sleeper cab & Hydraulics.

Alloy Tipper
YEAR: 3/92
SHAPE: Tri Axle Alloy Tipper
REGO: unregistered
DESCRIPTION: 9100 x 1800, alloy tipper, spring suspension and spider wheels. 

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2007 Sterling Prime Mover

PRICE: $54,000 inc GST


YEAR: 2007
MAKE: Sterling
SHAPE: Prime Mover
ENGINE: 12.7L Detroit @ 500
DESCRIPTION: 46-160 rear axles, abs brakes, alcoa wheels, 18 speed, 90000 GCM, hendrickson air, hydraulics.


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2011 Kenworth T409

PRICE: $119, 500 inc GST


YEAR: 2011
MAKE: Kenworth T409
ENGINE: Cummins 580 HP
SHAPE: Prime Mover
DESCRIPTION: ‚Äč2011 T409, cummins 580HP, 20918 gear box 800k, 400,000 since I.C.R, 90 tne GCM, 36" INT, Hi Rise.


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1981 Kenworth W Model

PRICE: 19,500 inc GST 


YEAR: 1981
MAKE: Kentworth W Model
ENGINE: 350 Cummins
SHAPE: Prime Mover
VIN: 405916
DESCRIPTION: 1981 Kenworth W Model, 350 cummins 10 SPD, chrome rims on drive, new chassis blast paint, hydaulics, 50 tonne GCM, Hendrickson spring suspension, new plastic gaurds. as-is, where-is.


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2010 Western star 4800FX

Year: 2010

Make: Western Star

Engine: ISX-EGR

Shape: Prime mover


Rego: XNF-997



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DESCRIPTION: 2010 Western Star 4800FX, Viesa air con, durabright rims 54 inch stratosphere sleeper cab, 26 m fupps bumper, sliding jost turntable, 20918 gearbox, ABS brakes, 580 cummins EGR, 46,000 Lb rear axles on airliner airbag.


GST $88,000 inc GST

2005 IVECO 6 x 2 Rigid

Year: 2005

Make: Iveco

Engine: 0129708

Shape: 6 X 2 RIGID

VIN: 6F2E2GM020D438663

Rego: BV97UY


2005 IVECO, 7670mm steel tray, airbag suspension, air con, 80R 22.5 front tyres, 11R 22.5 back tyres


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DESCRIPTION: 2007 Mack Trident, 18918 Eaton gearbox, 42" hi rise, power windows, on board computer, VIESA air conditioner, Alcoa wheels, Mack 470HP engine, rebuild under warranty at Mack at 500,000 km's, alloy bull-bar, driving lights, 4 tanks (1 for oil), hydraulics, automatic greasing system, 46,000 lb rear axles.
PRICE: $57,500.00 inc

1995 S-lineInternational

Year: 1995

Make: S-line International

Shape: Prime mover

VIN: 6F2EF3600SDB10973


Engine: Cummins M11






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DESCRIPTION: 9 speed road ranger, greasing system, cummins M11, 350 HP, Hendrikson airbag, fitted with 14 x 6ft tipping body, ring feeder.

To be sold as is, where is.

PRICE: $28,400 Inc. GST

2003 Mack Superliner


Year: 2003

Make: Mack

Engine: CUM-550 14042661

Shape: 6 x 4 Prime mover

VIN: 6FMH07C223D708681

Rego: BV33RE


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DESCRIPTION: 2003 Mack SLR, good condition, alcoas, 914330 km's, A/C, radio, sleeping quarters, 90 tonne rated, quad tanks, 46000lb eatons, hendrickson airbag, fixed greasy turntable

PRICE: $75,500.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 1995 Mitsubishi FM 600, good condition, drum brakes, spring suspension, 10 stud steel, alloy bull bar, 10 speed Mitsubishi gearbox, 24ft steel tray. Registered, GCM: 25,000 GVM: 15,000.

Brand new all steel cattle crate!

PRICE: $29,500.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION:1996 Kenworth T650, white, airbag suspension, spider wheels, Series 60 detroit 12.7 L engine, 36 inch hi rise sleeper, chrome rims, super singles on steer, hydraulics, 18 speed, 40,000 lb rear axles @4.33, registered, GCM: 60,000, GVM: 24,100

PRICE: $52,000.00 inc

2000 4900FX Western star


Year: 2000

Make: Western Star

Shape: Prime mover


Rego: BQ58TX

Engine: 3406E475


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DESCRIPTION: 2000 Western Star, 6x4, 48" hi rise, hydraulics, quad tanks, spider wheels, HAS 460 suspension, 18918 gear box, CAT 3406E 475hp, 163335 km's, GVM: 24500, GCM: 80000

PRICE: $39,500.00 Inc. GST

2005 K104 Kenworth Aerodyne


Year: 2005

Make: Kenworth Aerodyne

Shape: Prime mover

VIN: 6F50000005A428625

Rego: BR27BH

Engine: 79073867

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DESCRIPTION: 2005 Kenworth K104 Aerodyne, very good condition, fixed greasy turntable, alcoa wheels, 2.3 metre cab, 780,000klm, 20918AS gearbox, square tanks, alloy bullbar, 520 Cummins signature, 46000lb rear axles, ABS brakes, airbag suspension, A/C, UHF radio, 90,000GCM, 3950 wheel base, brand new drive tyres, registered, 520HP and a speed limiter.

PRICE: $79,500.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 2007 Kenworth T650, New engine @ 897474 km's, Cummins 620 @ 2050 lb/ft, 22918B Fuller transmission, SPL drive line,  multi leaf front springs, DANA 50-170 rear axles @4.78, X-lock rear axle 130t rated, 50 inch hi rise, party hat, 6 rod suspension, spider wheels, no hydraulics, ice pack A/C

PRICE: $176,000.00 Inc. GST

2007 Western Star 4800


Year: 2007

Make: Western Star

Engine: C12395

Shape: 6 x 4 Prime mover


Rego: NV84FS


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DESCRIPTION: 2007 Western Star 4800, white, excellent condition, 950087km's, ABS drum brakes, fixed greasy turntable, 34" low line sleeper, Airliner 46000 lb suspension, C-12 engine at 435hp, 900L fuel capacity, 18918 gear box, good condition tyres, new 26m bumper. GVM: 24500, GCM: 68000. You wont find a tidier truck

PRICE: $79,500.00 Inc. GST

2006 4800 FX Western Star


Year: 2006

Make: Western Star

Shape: Prime mover


Rego: BJ80AY

Engine: SIG-520


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DESCRIPTION: 2006 4800 FX Western Star, 520 Cummins signature, 20918 Gearbox, 15' x 7' Body, 28' x 7' Quad dog, BPW axles, airbag suspension, TEFCO bodies

PRICE: $129,500.00 Inc. GST

2004 T904 Kenworth (COMING SOON)


Year: 2004

Make: Kenworth T904


Shape: Prime mover




DESCRIPTION: 2004 T904 Kenworth, Cummins Signature, 50" highrise. More details to come

PRICE: $168,000.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 2004 T904 Kenworth prime mover, 50' integrated hi rise, RD463 rear axles, 6 rod suspension, 600HP  cummins signature engine, 22918 eaton gear box, ice pack air conditioning, hydraulics, 110 tonne rated, alcoa wheels, 11R 22.5, drum brakes, fixed greasy, 1600LT fuel capacity, UHF, speed limiter, stereo, alloy bull bar, LED lighting, roof kit.

PRICE: $159,000.00 Inc. GST

2007 4900 Western Star


Year: 2007

Model: 4900

Make: Western Star

Shape: Prime mover


Engine no: 9NZ05494

Registration Number: BI 00 BI

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DESCRIPTION: Air liner air bag suspension, hydraulics, 26m Bull bar, viesa A/C, Alcoa wheels, roof kit, burgundy interior, 46.160 rear Axles @ 4.30 ratio, 20918 gear box, C-15 550hp cat engine, ABS breaks, 645000Km's.

PRICE: $126,000.00 Inc. GST

2008 FM Volvo


Year: 2008

Make: Volvo

Engine: 164911

Shape: 8 x 4 Rigid

VIN: YV5JL40G58D131096 

Rego: XYR609 TILL 17/10/2014


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DESCRIPTION: 2008 FM Volvo, automatic, drum brakes, daycab, volvo diff, 24ft steel tray, ring feeder, spring suspension, 11R 22.5 10 stud wheels, GCM 44,000, GVM 34000, 8x4 rigid truck, 400LT diesel fuel, 300HP, 137760 genuine kilometres, A/C, radio, speed limiter.

PRICE: $99,000.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: C12 @ 435hp, DS462P Rear Axles @ 4.33, Airliner air bag suspension, 18918 rear box, 34" low line sleeper, alcoa wheels, abs brakes, 68tne rated.

PRICE: $56,500.00 Inc. GST

1992 T600 Kenworth


Year: 1992

Model: T600

Make: Kenworth

Shape: 6x4 prime mover

VIN: 6F5000000NA412320

Registration: BN84JL

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DESCRIPTION: 1993 T600 Kenworth, hydraulics, 10 speed, 435hp. 14 cummins engine, air bag suspension, A/C, 40,000lbs diffs.

PRICE: $38,500.00 Inc GST

DESCRIPTION:  1983 Red Mack Econodyne R600, 12speed gear box, camel back suspension, dolly pull, 38,000LB axles, hydraulics, multi leaf front suspension, 2 fuel tanks, 36 inch sleeper, spider wheels, 79 tonne GVM, odom 228,204Kms.

PRICE: $24,500.00 Inc. GST



Year: 1989

Model: F4670

Make: International Transtar

VIN: 6F2EF4600KDV20066  08/89

Registration Number: UXM326

Trailer registration: X55178

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DESCRIPTION: 1989 International Transtar 444 cummins 18 speed, hendrickson airbag suspension, 4650mmx 950mm bisalloy body, Alcoa wheels, tyres 50% cleaned skin, york axles, airbag suspension, rear axle ratio 3.73, GCM 72 tonne, Odom 217,787Kms. 2007 bisalloy northern body, registered to 3/7/13, york airbag suspension, 2 way tailgate 5850mm x 950mm, 44,000LB rear axle.

PRICE: $84,000.00 Inc. GST



Year: 1983

Model: Superliner

Engine number: 8G0053

Make: Mack

VIN: A17039

Registration Number: QRD 316 to 13/5/13

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DESCRIPTION: 1983 Mack  Superliner, 12 speed gear box, 500HP V8, spider wheels, 36" hi rise sleeper, hydraulics, camel back suspension, mechanically sound, full maintenance history, great restoration project.

PRICE: $42,500.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 1988 - 1850 Series International, 10 speed gear box, 2 speed diff, 16 tonne GVM, 22.7 GCM, 27FT steel tray.   

PRICE: $13,500.00 Inc. GST

2000 Mack Prime Mover


Year: 2000


Engine number: EA7470   9S0343

Make: Mack CH Prime Mover 

VIN: 6FMJ24E54BYB06110    01/2000

Registration Number: JCT 470

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DESCRIPTION: 18 speed mack gear box, hydralics, ball race turn table, neway air suspension, Alcoa wheels, 44,000 LB axles, dolly pull, GCM 90 tonne, odom 417,558Klms. 

PRICE: $68,500.00 Inc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 1980 F12 Volvo, 16 speed gear box, 380hp, 44000lb rear axels, air conditioned, 70 tne rated, hydraulics, Ball race turntable,

PRICE: $16,500.00 Inc. GST



Year: 2006 (ADR 03-2012)

Model: 379

Make: Peterbilt

Shape: Prime Mover

VIN: 1XP5DB9X96D886759

Registration number: Unregistered

Engine Number: MXS49954

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DESCRIPTION: 63" sleeper with upper bunk, 20918 gear box, caterpillar accert motor, power windows, power mirrors, chrome bumper, jost sliding turn table, 7" long horn exhaust, dual mud gaurds, Airliner suspension, 46000lb rear axles.

PRICE: $188,000 Inc. GST

2010 Western Star


Year: 2010

Model: 4964FXC

Make: Western Star

Shape: 6x4 Prime Mover


Registration number: NV 21 GQ

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DESCRIPTION: ABS brakes, 90tne rated, hydraulics, 20918 gear box, ISX EGR 525hp, 46160 rear axle @ 430, 46000lb air liner suspension, 450000km's, 54" stratosphere sleeper, 26m bull bar, leather seats.

PRICE: $189,000 Inc. GST

2001 Power Star


Year: 2001

Model: 6700

Make: PowerStar

Shape: Prime mover

VIN: 6F2GF67001DH00414

Registration number: BK61WZ

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DESCRIPTION: 586000kms, Engine number 6N245923, 131.00GCM, 4 Tanks, Aloca Tyres, 6 Rod Suspension, Hydraulics, ABS brakes, C15 @ 550HP, Super single wheels, 20918 eaton gear box

PRICE: $69,500.00 Inc. GST

2007 Western Star


Year: 2007

Model: 4964fxc

Make: Western Star

Shape: Prime Mover


Registration number: WX17AQ

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DESCRIPTION: Double bunks, refrigerated air conditioner, 46000lb, air bag suspension, 46/160 @ 4.30 rear axles, amber beacons, 670 original km's, C15 550, 20918 gear box, abs Brakes, road train bull bar, 54" sleeper cabin, alcoa wheels, immaculate condition.

PRICE: $169,500.00 Inc. GST

1997 Kenworth



Year: 1997

Model: K100G

Make: Kenworth

Shape: Aerodyne

VIN: 6F5000000VA416403

Registration number: BE65ZY

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DESCRIPTION: Hydraulics, chrome wheels, alloy bull bar, Kenworth air bag suspension, burgundy interior, fixed greasy turn table, UHF radio, 525 hp N14. 18918 gear box.

PRICE: $54,000.00 inc. GST

Kenworth K104


Year: 1999

Model: kenworth

VIN: 6F5000000XA419273

Registration: Unregistered 

Engine: 450hp ISX Cummins

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DESCRIPTION: Engine- Cummins 1SX450, Engine No- 14001471,Trans- 18918B, Rear Axles- DS462P, ratio- 4.11

Price: $42,000.00inc. GST as is, where is

1992 Kenworth


Year: 1992

Model: T600

Make: Kenworth

Shape: 6x4

VIN: 6F5000000NA412323

Registration number: BM34KP

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DESCRIPTION: Hydraulics, kenworth air bag, alloy bull bar, 15spd, 435hp N14.

PRICE: $39,500.00 inc. GST

2006 Kenworth T904


Year: 11- 2006

Model: T904

Make: Kenworth

Shape: Prime Mover

VIN: 6F50000006A433121

Registration number: WX23AQ

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DESCRIPTION: C15 550hp, engine number- 9NZ04609, 671000 original km's, double bunk, 7" exhaust, double chassis, 90tne rated, 50" intergrated sleeper, greasy jost turn table, split system air conditioning, super single steer wheels, 5 post road train bull bar, kenworth air bag suspension, imaculate condition, one owner driver.

PRICE: $214,500.00 inc. GST



Year: 1995

Model: CHR

Make: 6x4

Shape: Prime mover

VIN: 6FNG15J22B5B02778

Registration number: BM 43 KP

Engine: 427hp Mack

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DESCRIPTION: Air bag suspension, 18 SPD Eaton, roof kit, alloy bull bar and hydraulics.

PRICE: $32,000.00 inc. GST

Mercedes Tilt Tray


Year: 2001

Model: 3240

Make: mercedes benz

Shape: 8x4 rigid

VIN: WDB9503062K438394

Registration number: UAQ-821

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DESCRIPTION: Tilt tray, 26ft tray, container pins, 45000 kg GCM, planetary hubs

PRICE: $85,000.00 inc. GST



Year: 1984

Model: SHH711S

Make: isuzu

Shape: 8x4

VIN: 1962332

Registration number: unregistered 

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DESCRIPTION3/1984 8x4 Rigid ISUZU truck, 26’ steel tray, 10 SPD R/Ranger, ringfeeder, toolboxes x 2, 10 stud wheels

PRICE: $12,800.00 exc. GST

DESCRIPTION: 6 x 4 Prime Mover, 18 speed, hydraulics, Hendrickson air bag suspension

PRICE: $20,000.00 exc. GST



 Year: 1999

Model: T401

Make: Kenworth

Shape: 6x4 Prime mover

VIN: 6F5000000XA419482

Registration: ZCK 954

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DESCRIPTION: 1995 model, C12 Airglide 200 susp, DS462p rear axles @ 4.33, 18918 gear box, 36" int sleeper, dual exhaust, alloy bull bar, tidy unit.

PRICE: $58,000.00 inc. GST